Selling laptops

Putting your old laptop up for sale can be quite problematic if you don’t know its current market value. Fortunately, Springfield Laptops does not only sell computers—we also constantly acquire old and new laptops to replenish our stock. We buy all brands, makes, and models of laptops, whether they are functioning or not functioning properly, subject to the recommendation of our in-house technicians. We pay top dollar for your laptops and computers!

Exchange your laptop for cash in a few simple steps

Our competent and friendly service representatives will help you convert your laptop into cash easily, cash that you can use to buy yourself a new, more advanced unit. As soon as our representative determines the current value and condition of your laptop, we will offer you a quote for both sale and trade-in, so you can choose which option is best for you.

Now you can finally find some use for the old laptops collecting dust in your closet, laptops that can eventually help you save up for the latest, brand-new unit or some other high-end device that you have been pining for.

Make a confident sale

Whether you wish to trade or sell your laptop, rest assured that all personal information and files contained in your hard drive will be irrevocably erased. The laptop will work like new, and it would be as if you and your information have never been stored in it.

With this in mind, you can confidently turn in your old laptop and make a quick buck out of it, without worrying that someone else will gain access to your credit card information or personal records. We know that identity theft and credit card fraud are very real concerns, and we assure you that you will never encounter these problems through the sale of your laptop to us.

Note: Please be reminded that you need to bring in the laptop to our shop so our technicians can make a thorough assessment of its value and condition, which will in turn affect our sale and trade-in price quotes.